The Power of Entegral

Productive Clock On.

Providing a similar functionality to the E-TRAC time recording units, Productive Clock On provides features to make life easier for productives.

Productives can clock on and off jobs and view information about their current job (such as images, parts, supplementary requests etc.)

Productives can use the previous/allocated jobs, to see which stage of their jobs are available for them to start as they will be highlighted green and also listed in due out date order.

Quick Pic

Designed to let productives take multiple images with their devise while working in the shop and attach them to the job with a couple of clicks on the device.

You can take images out of Wi-Fi range, for example going to an adjacent car park to take some images in the car park for example, and then when you’re back in Wi-Fi range you can return to the main menu which will then upload them to the job for you.

System Requirements

ARC-AiDE LITE requires iOS 8 or later or Android 4.0 operating system, plus Requires EMACS Business Manager or Bodyshop Manager server version 7.00 or later.