The Power of Entegral

Workshop Control

Designed to aid the Workshop Controller, including the allocation of jobs to productives, amending times in repair stages and setting the repair status. This allows the workshop controller to spend more time on the shop floor and not be tied to the PC in his office. They can view a version of the control report called Jobs by Due Out Date which is displayed in the same order as the main system.

  • Searching for jobs by Reg no, key tag or job number.
  • Viewing of VIP Message and job comments.
  • Facility to auto dial customer from the job, which prompts you to update job history with call details.
  • Shows the status of the job.
  • Shows the vehicle due in and due out dates.
  • Facility to update customer and vehicle details.
  • Stages on the job which can be amended/allocated/set as complete etc.
  • Set reminders from the job, these are recorded in job history.
  • Entering of manual job notes.
  • Viewing of job notes can be filtered by category.
  • View parts required / other charges for job that are colour coded by status.
  • View supplementary request status from the job.
  • View Jobs by due out date.
Vehicle Collection and Delivery

Primarily designed to aid delivery drivers, with the ability to perform vehicle collections, deliveries and courtesy car functions on the device, without having to take out paperwork. The customer’s information is available at a touch, including the diary notes for the customer, their phone number and address. ARC-AiDE can even dial the number for you.

  • If your device is 3G enabled, you can click on ‘directions’ which will bring up Apple or Google Maps giving you verbal directions to the address.
  • The app has a vehicle damage diagram to enable you to mark all accident damage, dents, rust, scratches and chips all colour coded with the facility to allow the customer to sign confirming the information.
  • Take images of customer vehicle / courtesy car to record damage.
Vehicle Check-In and Check-Out

Similar to collection/delivery but gives you the ability to check cars in if the customer drops the car off at the bodyshop. It will also show you vehicles due in for today and the next working day.

You can also check vehicles out when the car leaves the site. All the check sheets will be attached to the job card the same as collection/delivery.

  • Check-in / Check-out paperwork is attached to job automatically.
  • Email courtesy car documents direct to customer email with electronic customer signature.
  • Take images direct to job card to record vehicle damage.
Additional ARC-AiDE Features:
  • Update customer details
  • Reminders
  • Add supplementary details
  • Email courtesy car docs
  • Productive clock on
  • Take quick pics
  • View images
  • List jobs by status
  • Capture electronic customer signature
  • View activity screens
  • View repair methods
  • And more
System Requirements

Android devices are no longer supported. Your device must be running iOS8 or later. Requires EMACS Business Manager or Bodyshop Manager server version 7.00 or later.